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L’immagine, la produzione scritta e le competenze trasversali

L'immagine, la produzione scritta e le competenze trasversali - Un seminario di Silvana Ranzoli

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An innovative multimedia proposal for paragraph writing


Paragraph writing can turn out to be a building block in creating competences which involve reading/listening/ speaking/writing.
Students can easily mobilize this competence and transfer it to other areas of the curriculum, making room for CLIL segments.

The issue is how to find ‘new’ ways of teaching paragraph writing where the adjective new means a multimedia, well-structured, personalized and memorable approach. Teachers should introduce each paragraph type in an interactive and engaging way and stress its links with vital communication needs and skills.

Visualization, which meets the needs of brain-based learning, is at the core of the proposal and can easily be implemented through the interactive whiteboard and its engaging way of learning.

What is more, paragraph writing can be the initial step on a ladder reaching up towards the domain of essay writing, personal presentations and webquests, all fundamental areas later on in post-secondary education and professional life.

A seminar by Silvana Ranzoli
sponsored by Loescher Editore

Liceo Classico “Machiavelli”, Via degli Asili N. 35 – Lucca
12 APRILE 2011
15.30 – 18.30